About AOL download manager

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About AOL download manager

AOL Download Manager helps you easily and conveniently download and manage email attachments. Using the download manager, you can

You can open the AOL Download Manager window when you are offline or online. However, you will not be able to open it when you are signed on as a Guest.

To open the AOL Download Manager window
  • If you are offline, click the File menu, and then click Download Manager.
  • If you are online, go to AOL Keyword: Download Manager. Please note that this keyword can be accessed only within the AOL software. However, the Keyword feature is not available in AOL Desktop v10.1.

WARNING: Never download email attachments from unknown senders. Downloaded files can contain objectionable content, computer viruses, or Trojan Horse programs that can damage files on your computer and compromise the security of your AOL account. The AOL service automatically scans email attachments for malicious files and repairs the files whenever possible. To learn more about computer viruses and get virus protection for your computer, go to AOL Keyword: Security or http://daol.aol.com/security.

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