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Email Headers

In email, a header is like a postage stamp and a return address on a regular piece of mail. However, an email header is more detailed because it includes a history of the travel route for a particular piece of email. You can think of an email header like the stamps in a passport. Each entry shows a country that was visited or passed through during the trip.

People who routinely send unsolicited bulk email often manipulate routing information to make it appear like the email originated from a place other than its actual source. In fact, some people attempt to make it look as though the mail was sent by AOL itself.

Note: email from another AOL member will not include a header because the email has not traveled outside the AOL service.

To view email headers:

AOL makes it easy for you to identify mail that originated from outside the AOL service by replacing the mail headers with a simple line that reads "Sent from the Internet (Details)."

At the top of the email, to the right of Sent from the Internet, click the Details link.

To Set up email headers:

1. Sign on to the AOL service, and then click the Settings icon.

2. Click the Mail Settings link.

3. Click the Advanced tab.

4. Under the When reading mail in Full View, click one of the following options:

  • Always minimize headers
  • Always minimize headers when I scroll
  • Never minimize headers

5. Click the Save button.

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