How to find downloaded files

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How to find downloaded files

Files downloaded from email can be accessed at a later date by using the AOL Download Manager.

How to Find Downloaded Files

The AOL Download Manager allows you to keep track of recent downloads, making it easier to retrieve downloaded files.

To find a file you've downloaded previously:
1. On the AOL menu bar, click File, then click Download Manager.
2. In the Download Manager window, click the file you want to find and highlight it.
3. Click the Find File button.


  • By default, the Download Manager retains information about your last 100 downloads.
  • Downloaded files are stored in the My Documents folder by default, unless you have selected the AOL Downloads folder, or a different location.
  • If a file was either renamed, moved, or deleted after it was downloaded, the Download Manager will not be able to find it.
  • You can also use your computer's search function to locate files.

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