AOL Desktop v10.1 10.1 SUD 4495.3.4

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AOL Desktop v10.1 10.1 SUD 4495.3.4

IMPORTANT: AOL Desktop v10.1 10.1 SUD 4495.3.4 upgrades your AOL Desktop v10.1 software to a new version that includes enhancements to support changes to the email system. We recommend that you install this update as soon as you are notified of it.

The AOL Software Update mechanism eliminates the need for you to manually download software updates (patches). Whenever there is a need to update the AOL software, the patch is downloaded in the background, thereby minimizing the impact of the download on your online experience. Once the download is complete, you will be prompted to install the software update. Click Install Now to install the update.

You will also find the More Details button on the AOL Software Updates window. If you choose More Details, you will receive more information about the software update file. Click Start to start the installation. If you click Close, you'll be prompted once every 12 hours to install the update.

Note: Please do not turn off your computer or disconnect from the Internet while these updates are being installed, as this may result in an incomplete update. An incomplete update will not damage your computer but may keep you from operating the AOL software at its optimum performance.

Once the update is complete, a confirmation window appears. Click OK to close it. After the confirmation window closes, you can sign on to the AOL software.

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