How do I access my AOL Voicemail messages?

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How do I access my AOL Voicemail messages?

AOL Voicemail is a service that allows you to get both your voice messages and your email messages in one place. AOL Voicemail takes voice messages when your telephone line is busy, the call is not answered or the call is directed to your voicemail. AOL Voicemail allows you to retrieve your messages from any computer by sending you an email message with the voicemail attached as a playable audio file.

How to

Play a voicemail message

When you receive a voicemail message, the AOL service will send you an email with a notification that you have a voice message. The email will contain a copy of the voice message (.mp3 file) left by the caller. This voicemail message can be played on most computers.

The messages look slightly different from other emails. The messages indicate that they are from the Username "AOL Voicemail." They also have a small blue telephone icon (on the more recent versions of the AOL software) instead of the envelope icon for traditional emails. You will also see an AOL Voicemail seal in the upper-left corner of the mail border. The AOL Voicemail seal is clickable and takes you to the AOL Keyword: Voicemail or for more information.

Note: If you are using, sign on with your registered Username and password. Only the registered Username will receive the small blue telephone icon and clickable seal. All additional Usernames will continue to receive the traditional envelope icon.

Inside each email, you will find an audio link attachment. By clicking the Listen link, you can hear the voicemail message through your computer's speakers. Once you’ve listened to the voicemail once, it is considered an old voicemail. If you would like to listen to an old voicemail, you must download the voicemail by clicking Download. Note: Only registered Usernames receive emails with audio links and messages attached. All other Usernames receive emails with only the messages attached. You can forward or save a voicemail message. The message will be available for seven days once you save it. You can download the message to your computer to save it permanently.

Whenever you check your AOL emails, you can check your voicemail messages as well.

Listen to a message over the phone

To listen to a message over the phone, you will need a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for security purposes.

To create, confirm, and manage your PIN:
1. Go to AOL Keyword: Voicemail or
2. Click the Settings link, and then click the Manage PIN link.

3. To speed up the sign on process when accessing your voicemail remotely, click the Quick Login Numbers link.

To retrieve your messages from home:
1. Dial your home phone number.
2. Follow the prompts to check your messages.

To retrieve your messages remotely:
1. Dial 1-800-265-1234 ( 1-800-AOL-1234).
2. Follow the prompts to check your messages.

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