Message: Invalid password or incorrect password

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Message: Invalid password or incorrect password

If you received the message "Invalid password" or "Incorrect password" while trying to sign on to the AOL service, chances are you either entered the Username or password incorrectly or your keyboard isn't working properly. Try the solutions below to troubleshoot the issue. After trying each one, check whether the issue is resolved.

IMPORTANT: AOL offers a feature called Automatic Password Recovery that will pop up once we’ve determined your computer is a trusted source. When you enable this feature, you’ll be able to reset or recover your password without answering account security questions. To learn more about this feature, refer to Automatic Password Recovery FAQs?.

Before you start

Please find out the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system that is installed on your computer, as well as the version of AOL Connectivity Service (ACS) that your AOL Desktop software uses to connect to the internet.

Note: AOL 9.0 and above (including AOL Desktop) use ACS 4.


Verify whether the Username and password are entered correctly

Make sure and incorrect special characters such as underscores, periods and dashes are not included along with your Username.

AOL passwords are case sensitive, so make sure that the Caps Lock on your keyboard isn’t turned on when you enter your password.

If you want to save your Username and password to your browser, please read How do I save my Username and password in my browser?.

Test your keyboard with another program

Type your password on a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word or Notepad, to check whether the characters of your password appear correctly. This will help you ensure that your keyboard is working fine.

Check your keyboard connection and restart your computer

Checking your keyboard connection and restarting the computer will verify that the keyboard is plugged in properly and that the computer is recognizing the keyboard.

To check your keyboard connection:

1. Shut down your computer. If your computer doesn't turn off automatically, wait until you see the message It is now safe to turn off the computer then manually turn off the computer.

2. Unplug the keyboard cord from the computer.

3. Wait for about 30 seconds and re-plug in the keyboard cord.

4. Turn on your computer.

Note: If your keyboard still fails to work properly, use another keyboard or contact the computer manufacturer for further assistance. Please refer to the documentation that came with your computer for contact information.

Confirm change of payment

If you subscribe to the AOL Desktop Software and you have recently updated your payment method for the AOL service over the phone with an agent, selecting a checking account or debit card as your new method of payment, you may need to agree to an Electronic Funds Transfer statement before your next online session.

Scan computer for viruses

Viruses are sneaky little programs that can find their way onto your computer without your knowledge when you download another software program, open an email attachment or visit certain websites. If you currently have antivirus software installed on your computer, you should run scans regularly. If you don’t, please refer to Scan your computer using McAfee Internet Security Suite 2009 - Special edition from AOL to learn how to download and subscribe to this antivirus program to better protect your computer.

Reset your password

If you’re still unable to sign in with your current password, it’s possible your account was hacked and that the hacker has changed your password. In this case, you will need to create a new password. To learn how, either click the Forgot password link on the Sign In screen or refer to Reset my forgotten AOL password.

Run a quick restore to reset the AOL software

If all the above solutions fail, this option is your last resort. A quick restore allows you to reset the AOL Desktop Software to its default state by deleting all stored passwords, settings and downloaded updates. A quick restore may help resolve the issues you have with your AOL Desktop Software without having to reinstall the software.

WARNING: Thee quick restore process wipes the program clean and starts it from scratch, so any information saved within the software will be deleted.

The instructions for running a quick restore may differ depending on the version of AOL Connectivity Service (ACS) installed on your computer. To find out which version you have, refer to How do I determine the version of AOL Connectivity Service (ACS) I have?. Select the appropriate link below for instructions on how to run a quick restore.

Note: You’ll need to access the AOL System Information window to determine your version of ACS. In Windows, click Start, move your mouse to All Programs, move it to AOL and click AOL System Information. The title of the new window determines your ACS.

Once the quick restore is complete, you may receive a series of AOL software updates, also known as AOL TOD (Tools on Demand) updates.

For additional information and help regarding passwords, please visit our Password Help product page.

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