Download and install AOL Connect

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Download and install AOL Connect

AOL Connect is a quick and easy way to connect to the Internet and run third-party applications. With AOL Connect, you no longer have to start the full AOL software to browse the Web, play online games, or perform online file transfers. Simply set up a location, sign on to AOL Connect, and you're up and running. You can even set AOL Connect to connect to the Internet automatically whenever you start programs that require Internet access.

Download and Install AOL Connect

The AOL Connect file is a standard OS X disk image file and is available online for download.

To download the AOL Connect software:
1. Go to
2. Click the Macintosh tab.
3. Click the Download now link.
4. Click the Save button, then save the file to your computer.

To install the AOL Connect software:
1. Double-click the AOL CONNECT.DMG icon. This will mount the image on the desktop.
2. On the desktop, double-click the AOL Connect folder.
3. Double-click the AOL CONNECT_INSTALLER.PKG icon. The AOL Connect software will install.

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