About AOL Connect

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About AOL Connect

AOL Connect is a quick and easy way to connect to the Internet and run third-party applications. With AOL Connect, you no longer need to start the full AOL software to browse the Web, play online games, or perform online file transfers. Simply set up a location, sign on to AOL Connect, and you're up and running. You can even set AOL Connect to connect to the Internet automatically whenever you start programs that require Internet access.

With AOL Connect you can use a dial-up connection, a broadband connection, or both. Simply create different locations and select them when you need them. AOL Connect recalls your location preferences and connects you the right way, whenever you need to connect.


System Requirements
Enter Your AOL Connect Password
Cancel an AOL Connect Connection

System Requirements

Note: Currently AOL Connect is not compatible with the new Intel Processor. In the meantime, you can use the full version of the AOL for Mac OS X software.

For users with earlier processors, your system requires the following minimum configuration:

  • G3 or higher processor
  • Macintosh OS X 10.2 or higher
  • Dial-up modem supported under OS X 10.2
  • 128MB RAM
  • 10MB of available hard drive space

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Enter Your AOL Connect Password

If you receive an error message that your password is invalid and needs to be re-entered, try entering it again.

If the problem continues, AOL members on qualified plans can chat live with a AOL Customer Support Team consultant by going to AOL Keyword: Live Help, or by clicking the Contact Aol link at the bottom of this page. Clicking the Contact Aol link also provides phone numbers to speak with a AOL Customer Support Team consultant.

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Cancel an AOL Connect Connection

If you are in the process of connecting to the Internet and change your mind about wanting to connect, you can stop your connection by clicking the Cancel button in the Connection Status window once it becomes active. Doing so terminates your connection attempt.

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