Sign on as Guest from another computer

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Sign on as Guest from another computer

You can easily use another person's computer to sign on to the AOL service as long as you have a valid AOL account. By signing on as Guest using the AOL software on your friend's computer, you can check your email, use the Instant Messenger service, and do most of the things you can do from your own computer.


  • If you plan to access your AOL account from a friend's computer for a longer period, we suggest you install a fresh copy of the AOL software on this computer. Installing a new copy of the AOL software ensures that you can sign on to the AOL software from this computer using your own screen name.
  • If you are unable to sign on as Guest, check whether you can access WebMail. To do so, go to and sign on using your AOL screen name and password.

To sign on as a Guest user
1. Start the AOL software.
2. On the Sign On screen, select Guest from the Select Screen Name or Screen Name drop-down menu, and then click Sign On.
3. In the Guest Sign On window, enter your screen name in the Enter Screen Name box.
4. Type your password in the Enter Password box, and then click OK.

You're now signed on as a Guest user.

However, please note that if you are signed on as Guest, you might face some limitations while accessing the AOL software. Some of these limitations are listed below:

  • You cannot save email and other files to your Filing Cabinet (Saved on My PC folder).
  • emails stored in the Filing Cabinet on a borrowed computer cannot be accessed from any other computer, including your home computer.

Note: If you are using AOL 9.0 SE or higher versions of the AOL software, you can access emails stored in the Saved on AOL folder from anywhere.

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