How do I block or unblock instant messages sent to my mobile phone?

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How do I block or unblock instant messages sent to my mobile phone?

Even when you're not in front of your computer, you can receive AIM Instant Messages (IMs) to your mobile phone with IM Forwarding. You can block or unblock these IMs at any time.

How to:

Allow AIM users to forward IMs to your mobile phone:

You can allow AIM users to send you IMs on your mobile phone when you are away from your computer. This can be done through either your computer or your phone.

Using your computer:

1. On the AIM window, click Options or Menu, and then click Settings or go to

2. Click Mobile, and then click Register a Mobile Device

3. Select your carrier from the drop-down menu.

4. Enter your mobile phone number and click Register.

5. Enter the Confirmation Code that was texted to your mobile device, and then click Confirm.

6. Click Done.

Note: You'll need to register your mobile phone number with the IM Forwarding service to view your mobile AIM settings.

Using your mobile phone:

Text the word ONALL to265019.

Stop all IMs to your mobile phone

Text STOPALL to 265022, and then visit to block all future messages from AOL.

To block an individual sender only, reply BLOCK to the message.

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