How do I use AIM Expressions?

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How do I use AIM Expressions?

AIM expressions include Buddy Icons, Wallpaper, Emoticons, and Sounds all tailored to match your super awesome personality and interests. And, the best part is all AIM Expressions are free for AOL and AIM users.

Note: In order to use AIM Expressions, your computer must meet the following system requirements:

• AIM 5.1 for Windows or higher versions
• Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher versions

Here’s how to access AIM Expressions:

1. On the Buddy List window, click Menu or Options (depending on which AIM 7 version you’re using).

2. Click Settings.

3. Click Expressions.

4. Click My Expressions.

OK. Let’s start with your Buddy Icon. Here’s how:

1. On the AIM Expressions page, click Browse.

2. Click Icons.

3. Explore our collection by selecting a category from the drop-down menu.

4. Choose a Sub-Category.

5. Click the buddy icon you like best.

6. Click Apply.

Alrighty then… I think you’ve got it! Let’s pick out wallpaper. Here’s how:

1. Click Wallpapers.

2. Select a Category.

3. Select a Sub-Category.

4. Select a wallpaper, and then click Preview.

5. Look the wallpaper over to see if you like it.

6. Preview as many as you want until you find the perfect wallpaper for you, then click Apply Now.

OK. Let’s give your emoticons a makeover. Here’s how:

1. Click Emoticons.

2. Select a Category.

3. Select a Sub-Category.

4. Select an Emoticon.

5. Click Apply.

Excellent! Moving right along… time to select your Buddy Sounds. Here’s how:

1. Click Sounds.

2. Select a Category.

3. Select a Sub-Category.

4. Click on as many sounds as you want to try.

5. When you’ve found just the right sound, click Apply.

Once you have selected your expressions, preview and save your final selections in the “Your Current Expression” section at the top of the My Expressions page. Here’s how:

1. Click Save this expression.

2. Type a name for your new theme in the Save your new theme box, and then click Save. Your new theme will be saved.

Note: You can return to and reuse any theme by returning to the My Saved Expressions tab at any time.

If you would prefer an easier process, you can always choose an AIM 1-Click theme. Here’s how:

1. Click 1-Clicks.

2. Select a Category.

3. Select a Sub-Category.

4. Select a 1-Click theme, and then preview it on the right side. Once you like your selection, click Apply Now.

If you’d still like more options, you can also create a WeeMee Avatar.

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