What's new in AOL Desktop v10.1 software?

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What's new in AOL Desktop v10.1 software?

AOL Desktop v10.1 the newest version of the AOL® software, also the next generation software designed to enhance your online experience! It integrates e-mail, Web browsing, instant messaging, and other online activities into a single, easy-to-use application, letting you multitask in fewer clicks. With a sleek, modern interface and convenient new features, it is designed to help make everything you do online faster and easier. Key enhancements to AOL Desktop v10.1 software include:

  • Improved Navigation: A new "AppMap" feature located between the Web button and Search field on the toolbar, instantly displays clickable thumbnails of all your open windows. Now you can find what you're looking for instantly - and switch windows with just one click.
  • Tabbed Organization: Tabs on email, browser and IM windows allow you to surf, send mail and more, without cluttering your screen.
  • Enhanced Browsing: The ability to browse the Web without signing on when you have a broadband or third-party dial-up connection. Ability to easily find and add RSS Feeds while browsing.
  • More E-mail Options: New, streamlined AOL® Mail lets you send and receive mails using multiple e-mail accounts, including GMail®, Verizon® and many more, in the same window.
  • Enhanced IM: AIM® 6.1 is built right in so you can see which buddies are online, chat, share pictures and more.
  • AIM Invisibility: Avoid interruptions online - just set your preference in AIM to invisible and you'll appear offline to others from the moment you sign in.
  • Easy to Use: Setup AOL Desktop v10.1 feature allows fast and easy transfer of your Favorites and Personal Filing Cabinet from AOL® 9.0 to AOL Desktop v10.1 software.
  • MapQuest® Integration: Enables you to conveniently embed a map and link to full directions right in your e-mail.
  • QuickTips: Provides contextual hints about new features in AOL Desktop v10.1.

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