AOL Desktop v10.1 Tools Menu

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AOL Desktop v10.1 Tools Menu

The AOL Desktop Tools menu allows you to control how your Browser works.

Pop-up Controls: Explore this menu to manage Pop-up options

  • View Blocked Pop-ups
  • Allow Pop-ups
  • Block Rich Media Content from
  • Play Sound for Blocked Pop-ups
  • Play Sound for Blocked Rich Media Content
  • Turn Pop-up Controls Off
  • Set Pop-up Controls Preferences

Power Browsing: Select this menu to access the Power Browsing options, which include:

  • Who Owns This Web Site?
  • Show All Links as Full URLs
  • Highlight Links to Other Web Sites
  • Page Display
  • Utilities
  • Just for Fun
  • Add Your Own Menu Item
  • Manage Power Browsing Tools
  • Undo Power Browsing

Clear My Footprints: Helps you clear your Browsing History, Blocked Pop-up List, Thumbnails, and Recent Searches. Learn more about clearing footprints.

Select Footprints to Clear: Use this option to clear specific footprints from your computer.

Who Owns This Web Site?: Allows you to get complete WHOIS information about the Web site.

Highlight Links to Other Web Sites: Select this option to highlight links to other Web sites on the Web page.

Show All Links as Full URLs: Allows you to view all links as full URLs on the Web page.

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