View status of sent email on the AOL software

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View status of sent email on the AOL software

You can view the status of an e-mail that you have sent from the AOL software to another AOL e-mail address. However, you cannot check the status of e-mails sent to e-mail addresses other than AOL.

To view the status of a sent e-mail on the AOL software

1. Sign on to the AOL software.

2. Click the Read button to open your mailbox.

3. Click the Sent tab.

4. Highlight the e-mail whose status you want to check, and then click the Status button.

5. You will see the status of the e-mail.

  • If the addressee has read the e-mail, you'll see Read displayed in the status.

  • If the addressee has not yet read the e-mail, you'll see not yet read displayed in the status.

6. Click OK to close the status window.

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