Forward an email on AOL Mail Basic

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Forward an email on AOL Mail Basic

The following solution will show you how to forward an email message received in AOL Mail Basic.

Note: When you forward a message that has attachments, the files attached to the original message are automatically attached to the forwarded message. If you do not want to include these attachments, you can easily remove them before sending the email.

1. Go to AOL Mail Basic and sign in using your AOL Username and password.

2. Open the email that you wish to forward, and then click the Forward button.

3. In the To box, type the email address of the person to whom you want to forward the email. To send the same message to multiple recipients, add the email addresses of all the recipients in the To box and separate these addresses by commas.

Note: If you want to send the email to an AOL user, you just need to type in the user's Username in the To, Cc, or Bcc boxes. If you intend to send the email to someone who is using another email service (Gmail or Yahoo), you must include the entire email address along with the domain, for example, In such cases, leaving out any portion of the email address will make the email undeliverable.

4. If required, type your message in the large text box.

5. When you are ready to forward the message, click the Send button on the upper left.

You can now forward email messages using AOL Mail Basic.



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