What should I do if I have problems accessing my AOL Mail or AOL Mail Basic Version account?

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What should I do if I have problems accessing my AOL Mail or AOL Mail Basic Version account?

If you're not able to access AOL Mail or AOL Mail Basic Version, it could be for several reasons. Try the solutions below, checking after each solution to see whether you can access your mail.

Note: AOL Mail is not designed for dial-up connections. AOL members attempting to access AOL Mail through a dial-up connection using either the AOL software or a third-party dial-up connection may encounter difficulties connecting to the AOL Mail site. AOL Mail should not be used concurrently with the AOL software, either within the AOL software or in another browser window, while the client software is launched.


Clear browser cache, cookies, and history

The article below will show you how to clear your browser cache, cookies, and history.

Clear Cookies, Cache and History In Your Web Browser

Enable only essential startup programs

Multiple programs may have been set to start automatically when a computer is turned on. These programs may cause the computer to slow down. Not all startup programs are essential for the proper functioning of a computer. Click the link corresponding to the version of Windows installed on your computer to know how to enable only essential startup programs on your computer.

If you are using Windows 2000/Me/98, you will have to manually close all the programs currently running on your computer to resolve the issue. Please click the link corresponding to the version of Windows you have on your computer for instructions on how to close all programs.

Allow friendly URLs

If you're using a firewall, allow the following friendly URLs: (*.aol.com, *.aim.com, registration.aol.com, webmail.aol.com, and mail.aol.com). For additional support for configuring third-party firewalls, please contact the firewall manufacturer.

Disable pop-up blocking software

In order to address this issue, please disable your pop-up blocking software. Alternatively, you could add a website such as AOL.com to the "white list" of domains accepted by your pop-up blocker software. If you are unsure of how to disable your pop-up blocking software or add a domain to the "white list", please contact the vendor of your pop-up blocking software for assistance or simply refer to the Help guide included with your software.

Note: Most pop-up blockers also allow you to hold down the "Shift" key as you click website links. This disables pop-up blocking on a one-time basis.

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Set browser's security settings to default

Reset your browser's security settings using the following (choose your web browser below):

Sign off and sign back in to AOL Mail

Sometimes the easiest solution is also the best. Sign out of AOL Mail, wait a few minutes, and then sign back in. This can often fix the problem you're experiencing.

Reset mailbox settings

The AOL Mail System Summary page contains configuration information about AOL Mail. It can help resolve several common issues that you may be having by synchronizing the servers that control your mailbox. To reset your mailbox settings, please follow the instructions given in the help article linked below:

Reset My Mailbox Settings on AOL Mail

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Temporarily disable your firewall or configure McAfee

A firewall prevents computer hackers from accessing your computer through the Internet and stealing sensitive information or infecting your computer system with some form of a computer virus. A firewall installed on your computer may be the cause of the issue.

Try disabling your firewall software. There are many brands and types of firewalls available, so the one you have installed may be slightly different than others. Refer to the documentation or the help sections included with your software. If you are using the default firewalls included in versions of Windows, they can be accessed through the "Control Panel" in the "Security Center", "Security", or "System and Security" sections. In Mac OS X, the firewall settings can be accessed through the "System Preferences" in the "Security" settings.

If you are using the McAfee Internet Security Suite - Special edition from AOL, click on the article linked below for instructions on configuring it.

Configure McAfee Internet Security Suite - Special Edition from AOL to Allow Access

Use an alternate browser

Try using another web browser to access your AOL Mail. Mozilla Firefox is an excellent alternate web browser that can be downloaded for free. A link is provided below to the Mozilla Firefox download website. When the page loads, click the "Download Firefox - Free" button and then install it once the download finishes.

Mozilla Firefox - Browser Download

Run antivirus software

Spyware or adware, like viruses, is downloaded onto your computer through any software that you download, email messages that you open, or websites that you visit. It is usually downloaded onto your computer without your knowledge. Annoying pop-up ads, mysterious new toolbars, PC slow-downs, and new icons in your system tray are all signs that your computer is infected with spyware or malware programs. Although these programs are not as dangerous as viruses, they slow down your computer and try to gather personal information.

Adware is any software that, once installed on your computer, tracks your Web browsing habits and sends you pop-ups containing advertisements related to your browsing habits. While this software may seem innocent, it consumes the much-needed processor speed and Internet connection speed.

Spyware is similar to adware but much more dangerous. It scans your hard drive for personal information and your Web browsing habits. Once the spyware discovers your email address, it sends you spam mails and junk emails that clutter your inbox.

If your computer appears to be infected with a computer virus, use antivirus software to detect and eradicate the infection. If you don't have antivirus software but are able to connect to the AOL service, visit AOL Keyword: "Safety" or visit the website linked below to find helpful information about computer safety, viruses, and antivirus software.

Otherwise, contact your PC vendor to obtain the necessary software. Please note that support for third-party antivirus software will be provided by the respective manufacturers.

AOL Internet Security

Access with another computer

Try to access your AOL Mail using a different computer (ideally at a different location).

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