How do I set up filters in AOL Mail?

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How do I set up filters in AOL Mail?

You can "filter" incoming mail in AOL Mail to make certain emails go directly into the folders where you want them -- or, to make unwanted mail from specific senders go straight into Trash.

You can also use Filters to set up Alerts to notify you in AIM or on your mobile phone when certain email arrives. (Alert me anytime I get a message containing the words "You absolutely rock", for example.)

Note: You can create up to 50 filters.

Here's how to set up Filters and Alerts:

1. In the upper-right corner, next to your Username, click the down arrow, and then click Mail Settings.

2. In the left panel, click Filters and Alerts, and then click the Create filter button in the middle of the page. Check it out:


3. The "Create Filter" window opens. Give your Filter (or Alert) a name, and fill in as much detail as you'd like:


4. Under "Look for incoming messages matching all of the following," define the criteria for the filter. That is, the emails that the filter will capture.

5. Under "Do the following with matched messages," click the Move to folder... drop-down arrow if you'd like to send these messages to a folder (you don't have to do this; messages can just keep coming into your inbox), then check (or leave blank) a box beside the type of Alert you'd like to send yourself when these messages arrive. (You don't have to select an Alert.)

6. OK, great. Done! Click Create to save your work.

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