Why am I getting the Authentication Stalled error?

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Why am I getting the Authentication Stalled error?

Sorry -- this is a temporary problem that occurs very rarely. We're at work right now on a permanent fix for it.

We apologize for holding you up! Usually it's easy to get around:

1. Just sign out (or quit).
2. Then try signing in again.

That should do the trick.

If you get this error when you sign out (log out), it's often the result of an active "HTTPS Everywhere" plugin installed on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

If you use HTTPS Everywhere or a similar browser plugin or setting that forces SSL encryption on every page, go into the plugin's settings and find the "Enable/Disable Rules" and disable the rule for "AOL (partial)."

(We're working with the developers of these plugins to ensure smooth interoperability with AOL in future plugin versions, so that you can eventually re-enable the rule.)

If you continue to get an error when you try to log out, try resetting your web settings.

Let us know if you continue to see this error. Thanks!

This error may also be identified as 103A and 103W.

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