About AOL Keyword: Notify AOL

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About AOL Keyword: Notify AOL

About AOL® Keyword: Notify AOL

If you witness any inappropriate activity on the AOL® service, you can report it at AOL Keyword: Notify AOL.

At AOL Keyword: Notify AOL, you can:

  • Click the Chat button to learn how to report vulgar language and disruptive behavior in chat rooms.
  • Click the E-mail & Attachments button to learn how to report e-mail from strangers that contains attached files or requests for your password, credit card number, or other personal information.
  • Click the Instant Message Notes button to learn how to report requests for your password or disruptive behavior in an Instant Message note.
  • Click the Message Boards button to report inappropriate behavior on AOL® message boards.
  • Click the Web Pages button to report objectionable content on an AOL® member web page.
  • Click the Screen Names & Profiles button to report screen names or member profiles which do not adhere to the AOL® Terms of Service.

Your report will be forwarded to the AOL® Community Action Team (CAT). CAT will review this report for possible Terms of Service (TOS) violations. This online submission is the only acceptable form of reporting that CAT will accept as valid. All reports sent to CAT are reviewed within 48 hours and the appropriate action(s) taken.

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