How do I stop telemarketing calls on AOL Call Alert?

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How do I stop telemarketing calls on AOL Call Alert?

Many telemarketers use computer-controlled systems that automatically dial random phone numbers and wait for someone to answer. When you pick up your phone, the computer knows that your number is active and telemarketers continue to call you.

If you want to stop telemarketing calls on AOL Call Alert, select the Don't Know You option when you get the Call Alert window. Once you select this option, we'll send a special tone to the caller before they hear the Dont Know You message. When the telemarketer's computer hears that tone, it will identify your number as an invalid number. The computer will then disconnect the call and should typically delete your phone number from the database. If the caller is a person and not a computer, he or she will hear the Don't Know You message after the special tone and stop calling you.

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