How do I change my AOL Call Alert settings?

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How do I change my AOL Call Alert settings?

This article gives you instructions on how to set certain preferences while using AOL Call Alert. Only registered Usernames can access and change preferences on AOL Call Alert. Other Usernames, including master Usernames, will not be able to access the call alert settings.

To access your AOL Call Alert preferences:
1. Sign on to the AOL service.
2. Go to AOL Keyword: AOL Call Alert or

Note: If prompted, sign on using the registered Username and password.

3. On the upper right of the AOL Call Alert page, click Settings.
4. Under Settings Main, click the appropriate link to change the settings. Click the links given below to learn more about each setting.


  • While changing your settings, you may get an error message stating that the account is still pending if your account has not yet been activated. Please wait until your account is activated. You will receive a call through AOL Call Alert to activate the account. Once the account is active, you will be able to access your AOL Call Alert settings.
  • If a Username other than the registered Username is used to sign on to the AOL Call Alert service, you will receive a message asking you to sign on with the registered Username.

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