How Do I Accept Friends on AIM?

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How Do I Accept Friends on AIM?

Making new friends? Awesome! AIM provides a couple different options for accepting new Buddies.
AIM intercepts the instant messages (IMs) you get from people who are not on your Buddy List.

Before opening this kind of message, you can see the Username of the sender, the time you received the message, and the number of IMs you've gotten so far from the sender. You can then click Read IM to view the IM and Buddy Info, or Close IM, or Report this User to report the IM as spam.

If you choose to accept the IM, you can add this friend to your Buddy List by clicking Add to Buddy List.

You also have the option to accept IMs from unknown senders automatically. If that's the best option for you, follow the steps below:

1. On your Buddy List window, click Menu/Options (depending on which AIM 7 version you're using).

2. Click Settings.

3. Click General IM.

4. Select the check box next to 'Auto-accept IMs from unknown senders.'

5. Click Save.

If you select this option, all incoming IMs will open for you, and you won’t see any 'Unknown Sender' messages.


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