What are the AIM privacy options?

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What are the AIM privacy options?

Concerned about images, videos, and message invitations from strangers? Want to block an annoying person from contacting you? Just visit the AIM settings page and choose who can or can't contact you. Here’s how:

1. At the top of your Buddy List window, click Menu or Options (depending on which version of AIM 7 you’re using).

2. Click Privacy.

Choose who can IM you:

• Create a list of people blocked from Instant Messaging (IM) you by selecting Everyone except the people on my block list and clicking add people to my block list.

• Allow only those on your Buddy List to IM you by selecting Only buddies on my Buddy List.

• Ensure only a list of pre-determined people are able to IM you by selecting Only the people on my allow list and then click Add people to my allow list.

Select your Buddy List privacy preferences:

Don’t worry, sharing your Buddy List doesn't mean that your buddies can access your Buddy List. It only allows your buddies to see whether or not they are on your Buddy List. If you would like to know the Buddy Lists that you’re on click, Menu or Options at the top of your Buddy List Window. Click AIM on the drop-down menu and then click Buddy Lists I'm on.

Control who sees your Lifestream updates:

You can share your Lifestream updates with your buddies. Just click the Manage my Lifestream updates link. It will take you to the AIM Lifestream page. Click the Share these updates with drop-down menu, and then select the desired option.

Decide who can find you:

You can allow AIM users to search for your Username using your email address. Check Allow people to search for my Username using my email address.

Show your buddies when you’re available:

Let your buddies know whether you’re idle, typing a response, or using a mobile device. Or, perhaps, you want it to be a mystery. Either way, it’s your pick!

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