AOL TOD update

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AOL TOD update

Tools on Demand (TODs) are essential updates to your AOL Desktop Software. When software is installed (especially from a CD), it may not be the latest version available and interim updates may have been created to enhance its features or improve connectivity. These updates are small and take a few moments to install.

It is very important that the update be allowed to fully download and install before the software is closed and the computer is turned off. If the process is interrupted, the TOD update will attempt to download and install itself every time you sign off, but the process will never complete because of the incomplete TOD residing on your computer. This incomplete TOD will need to be removed before the update process can continue. If you choose to install the update later, please note the TOD update notification will be prompted every time you sign off.

To install a TOD update:

1. Click Install Now.

Note: If you are using Windows 7, 8 or Vista, click Yes or Continue. If prompted, type your computer's administrator password to continue with the update.

2. The update will be installed in your computer.

3. Once the download is complete, we recommend you restart the AOL Desktop Software.

Note: If you continue to receive the TOD update even after successful download of the TOD, or if you are experiencing problems downloading the TOD update, please follow the instructions in the help article Unable to download the AOL TOD update.

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Last updated: 05-14-2013
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