Video: Lifestore vs. AOL Advantage Plans

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Video: Lifestore vs. AOL Advantage Plans

Lifestore vs. AOL Advantage Plans—What’s the difference? Lots!

Lifestore, a one-stop-shop to pick and choose from the most reliable and fun[!] products for your life needs. Just go to And purchase one product or two or three!

Once you’ve made your purchase(s) from, you can download or sign in to the products or services… immediately! After making your purchase in Lifestore you’ll reach an Order Confirmation screen. Just click Get Started Now! to download or sign in to your new product or service.

Or wait until… later. You’ll receive an Order Confirmation email that directs you to download or sign in to your new product or service. Just click Get started now!

You can also visit and download or sign in to your new product or service. Just copy and paste the Access URL to your subscription in a new web browser and get started!

If I can pick and choose what I want from Lifestore—then what is an AOL Advantage Plan?

We’re glad you asked! Let’s find out.

AOL Advantage Plans. Receive a number of Lifestore products as packaged deals at a reduced price PLUS EXTRA BENEFITS you won’t find on Lifestore. AOL Advantage Plans range from… AOL Total Advantage, AOL Advantage Essentials, AOL Support Plus, and a whole lot more!

Just visit and select a plan with all the benefits and products you wish. Depending on the plan you choose in addition to some Lifestore products and services, extra benefits include… 5GB of Norton Online storage, 10% Sprint discount, up to $1250 in computer hardware repair coverage, 24/7 customer support and lots more.

After you purchase your plan… activate. Just go to and sign in to view all the products and benefits your plan has to offer. Pick a product or benefit that you are eligible for and click Activate Now. Once activated, you’re all set to go!

And now you know the difference between Lifestore and AOL Advantage Plans!

Happy shopping!

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Last updated: 06-29-2012
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