Why am I getting emails asking me to update my AOL account?

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Why am I getting emails asking me to update my AOL account?

Are you feeling frustrated and bombarded by emails asking you to update your account? We might not actually be the ones bombarding you. First check to make sure that the emails you’re receiving are Certified AOL Mail because we never communicate with our members any other way. (Read How do I identify legitimate billing communications from AOL? to learn the three traits of Certified AOL Mail.)

If it turns out the email you received isn’t from us, please let us know by forwarding it to aol_phish@abuse.aol.com and we'll take it from there. For more information on how to spot phishing email scams, please visit the AOL Mail Security site.

Still not sure if the email is spam? Here are a few ways to know the difference:

  • AOL will never ask you for confidential billing information such as your diver’s license number, credit card number, debit PIN or Social Security Number through emails.
  • Channel your inner editor and keep an eye out for misspelled words or anything else that looks unprofessional.
  • If the email includes exciting offers or disturbing information that entices you to click or respond ASAP, that’s just a way for the spammers to access your information.

Here is an example of what a fraudulent, scam email might look like:

Note: The image below is just an example. Not all spam necessarily looks like this email.

Spam is no joke, so be very careful when dealing with it. Don’t click any hyperlinks in the email to enter your information or reply to the email. Just send it our way and we’ll take care of it.

For more information on scam emails, refer to our help article Fraudulent billing pop-ups.

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Last updated: 06-19-2014
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