Message: 404 - page not found

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Message: 404 - page not found

Error messages are annoying, aren’t they? The frustrating 404 error page is no exception! You follow a link, expecting joyful resolution, and then BAM! You get an error.

The 404 error message is an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) standard status code. This "Not Found" response code indicates that, although the computer could communicate to the server, the server could not find what was requested.

Here's what to do. First, check to see whether your Internet connection is working properly. Try opening a different web page (such as If you are able to connect to another web page, just wait a bit before trying the original link again. This is usually a temporary issue that will be fixed on its own.

Unable to access any web page? No worries! If you are on a dial-up connection, to resolve the issue, visit our help article Unable to access websites. For broadband users, this is likely an issue with your Internet connection. We recommend you contact your Internet Service Provider.

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Last updated: 08-11-2011
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