Questions about AOL billing

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Questions about AOL billing

Welcome to the family! If you subscribe to one of our paid services, then you are an official AOL member.

When we bill

We bill all members once a month on their billing dates (the monthly anniversary of when you began your AOL subscription) for the next month’s service. Which means if your billing date is Aug. 3, that’s the day we’ll bill you for the month of September.

What’s great is when you sign up for one of our premium services, such as AOL with Cable or AOL with DSL, you can start using the service that same day, without having to pay up front. We won’t bill you for that partial month until the following month’s bill. After that initial bill, you can expect to see normal monthly cable or DSL charges.

Identify your AOL service charge on your financial statement

Don’t panic if your first bill shows a charge that seems to be twice as much as it should. Even though there will be a prorated charge (for the month you signed up) and a normal charge for the next month’s service, the charges will be combined on your statement and billed as a single amount.

View your AOL bill online

If you want to make sure the charge you see on your statement is correct, you can see a detailed billing statement with individual charges at My Account. If you purchase any additional AOL services or accrue any connection surcharges, those charges will appear here, too.

Taxes on your statement

Surprised to see taxes on your statement? We’re only doing what we’re told. As of Nov. 1, 2007, after the Federal Internet Tax Nondiscrimination Act stopped preventing states and localities from charging taxes on your subscription fees for AOL services, we began collecting those taxes in accordance with state and local laws.

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