How do I change my password?

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How do I change my password?

A strong password gives you a strong defense against hackers. The L0ng3rTh3pA55w0rD is, the stronger it is. Mix in numbers and symbols. Make it tough! You can change your AOL password whenever and as often as you'd like.

Here's how:

1. Sign in at (If you forgot your password, just click Forgot password.)

2. Next, answer your Account Security Question. If you forgot the answer to your Security Question, click  Forgot Answer on the Security Question page to reset it.

  • Make the answer to your Account Security Question difficult to guess, too! It's your second line of defense. If you can, use a mix of letters and numbers in the answer to your Account Security Question.

3. You’re in. Using the drop-down menu, select the Username for which you want to change the password. Under Change Password, type your new password in the text box. Type it again in the Confirm Password box to ensure there are no typos and that it's exactly as you want it.

4. Finished? Click Save.

That's it! Your account can now be accessed using only the new password you created.

Prefer phone support? Contact us (paid members only) or upgrade your AOL plan to receive 24/7, live AOL technical support.

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