Ordering and checkout at AOL Shopping

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Ordering and checkout at AOL Shopping

AOL Shopping helps you find products available through our participating stores. The products available on the site are sold and shipped by these stores independently of AOL Shopping. Each store determines its own accepted payment method(s).  All questions about your order (including status, specifications, tax, shipping, payment methods and cancellations or returns) should be directed to the store where you made the purchase. AOL Shopping does not have any specific information about your order. Stores typically provide an order confirmation through email, which should include your order number and contact information for any inquiries you might have. If you would like to provide AOL Shopping with feedback about a store or your AOL Shopping experience,  please contact us at AOL Shopping feedback.


Cancel an order

AOL Shopping does not handle order cancellations. If you want to cancel an order, you must contact the store directly. Try the company's online customer service website or its toll-free customer service number to speak with a customer representative. The following are suggestions for contacting the store where you made your purchase:

  • Visit the store's online help or customer service area.
  • Call the store's customer service number.
  • For questions about a recent order, look for instructions in the confirmation email that you should have received from the store.

Inquire about your order

For security reasons, AOL does not have any order information for specific stores. You'll need to contact the store directly. The customer service area of each store's website will be able to assist you in contacting them regarding your order.

Dissatisfied with the order

If you're dissatisfied with your order, your best course of action is to contact the store directly that sold you the product. Please read the store's return policy, as each store handles returns differently.

Return your order

If you want to return an item, please refer to the return policy on the store's website. 

Received a product not ordered

If you received a product that you did not order, you will need to contact the merchant directly. Please review your packing slip and invoice to obtain contact information for the specific merchant.


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