Archived - Message: 'You must be a member to view this site'

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Archived - Message: 'You must be a member to view this site'

Hey there! Are you getting the message "You must be a member to view this site" while trying to access the DailyFinance website? You may receive this message if you're not logged in properly or if a firewall installed on your computer is blocking internet access. To access the DailyFinance site, you'll need to attempt to sign in and/or disable your firewall.

Before you start

You will need to know the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system installed on your computer. If you do not know how to find this information, follow the instructions in the help article Determine your version of Microsoft Windows.

You may wish to print or save a copy of these instructions as this page may not remain visible as you go through the suggested steps.

Attempt to sign in

As an initial troubleshooting measure, please try to sign in to DailyFinance using your AOL Username and password. Once you are logged in, please try to access the webpage again.

If you can't log in, or are experiencing the same issue, continue below to temporarily disable your firewall.

Temporarily disable your firewall or configure McAfee

There may be a firewall or other security software on your computer that is preventing you from accessing AOL, AIM, or the Internet. You can temporarily disable your firewall or other security software to check if your firewall is blocking internet access. Examples of firewall software are Norton Internet Security, and McAfee Internet Security Suite - Special edition from AOL.

To disable other third-party firewalls, refer to our help article Disable third-party firewall. If you are using McAfee Internet Security Suite - Special edition from AOL, you can configure the firewall by following the steps given below:

1. In the Windows taskbar, right-click the McAfee icon, and then click Open SecurityCenter.

Note: Alternatively, you can click Start, select All Programs or Programs, select McAfee, and then click McAfee SecurityCenter.

2. In Advanced Menu, click the Configure tab.

Note: If you are unable to see the Configure tab, click Advanced Menu, and then click the Configure tab.

3. In the Configure pane, click Internet & Network.

4. In the Firewall protection section, click Advanced.

5. In the left pane, click Program Permissions.

6. From the Program Permissions list, ensure that the application you are trying to use has Full Access. If the application is Blocked, click the application for which you want to grant full access.

7. In the Action section, click Allow Access.

Note: Please ensure that the application you're using is not being blocked. If it's not blocked, the issue isn't related to the firewall.

8. Click OK.

9. Click X to close the McAfee SecurityCenter window.

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