How do I change or cancel my AOL account for paid plans?

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How do I change or cancel my AOL account for paid plans?

Breaking up is always tough. Are you sure you want to leave?! Don't forget that our paid AOL plans come with a variety of great features designed to keep you safe and secure. If you choose to cancel your AOL account, you will no longer have access to these services.

Before you decide to leave us for good, please visit My Account to view all of the options available to you, including changing or canceling your AOL Advantage plan.

Some important things to keep in mind before canceling your AOL account:

  • You must cancel your billing and convert to a free AOL account in order to cancel your paid account. If you want to cancel your free account, read the help article How do I cancel my free AOL account?
  • If you cancel your account in the middle of your billing cycle, you’ll have access to the service until the end of the cycle because payments are made a month in advance. Once the billing cycle is over, though, you will no longer have access to your AOL account, unless you reactivate within 90 days of cancellation.
  • You will need your password to sign on to your AOL account. If you forgot your password, refer to the help article Reset my forgotten AOL password.
  • You will also need the answer to your Account Security Question. If you don’t remember the answer, read the help article I forgot the answer to my Account Security Question.
  • If you subscribe to any AOL Premium Service, you must cancel your subscriptions to those services before canceling your AOL account, including any subscriptions for the General Username (Master or Designated Master will have the ability to cancel a General Username’s subscription). However, cancel email will only go to the General Username who originally purchased the service.
  • AOL reserves the right to charge and collect any fees, surcharges or costs incurred before your cancellation takes effect.
  • If you want to cancel an account on behalf of a deceased AOL member, please refer to Deceased billing contact.
  • You can also cancel your account by calling the phone number listed on your credit card statement.

Cancel your AOL account

1. Sign in to My Account with your master Username and password.

2. Answer the Account Security Question and click Continue.

3. If prompted, select I need a Dial-Up Connection or I already have a High Speed Connection and click VIEW PLANS.

4. Under your current subscription or at the bottom of the page, click Cancel My Billing.

5. Review the confirmation page. It will offer you the option of changing to a lower-priced plan rather than canceling your account. If you still want to convert to a free AOL account, select a reason for canceling from the drop-down menu and then click CANCEL MY BILLING (Click KEEP CURRENT PLAN if you changed your mind).

Poof! You'll no longer be billed. Please come back whenever you like!

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Last updated: 02-07-2014
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