Understanding the stock quote page

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Understanding the stock quote page

Hello! Wondering about our stock quote details? The following article will explain all the awesome features DailyFinance provides on the Quote Details page (and hopefully clear up any confusion along the way).


A. Search
• DailyFinance’s powerful search functionality will help you find what you’re looking for. Simply start typing a ticker or a company name and a helpful dropdown box will give you a list of suggestions. For more on this feature, please read Looking Up Stock Quotes.

B. Market Box
• See what the market is doing right now (real-time markets data coming soon). You can also access your Recent Quotes, set up a Watchlist, or view your Portfolios by clicking on one of the corresponding “Supertabs” just below the Market Box.

C. Current Price
• View Real-Time price data for stocks that trade on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX exchanges. If real-time data is unavailable for a particular ticker, this area will display the 15-minute delayed quote (and will be labeled as such). During pre-market and post-market trading, and Extended Hours quote is added to this area for tickers that participate in extended hours trading.

D. Charts
• Immediately see how this ticker is performing against its relevant benchmark. Alternate timeframes are available without leaving the page – just click one of the links beneath the chart and it will update. Click the chart itself to access more advanced charting features.

E. Left-Hand Navigation
• Access a wealth of information about your ticker by selecting one of the many research and data tools offered in this area.

F. Summary Data Table
• A quick view of the most relevant stock information is available in this easy-to-digest table.

G. Special Messages
• Notifications about special events and additional features will appear in this area just above the News & Commentary listing.

H. News & Commentary
• View the latest news and analysis of your ticker by selecting an article in this area.  This list defaults to Featured news. You can also choose to view Real-Time news stories by clicking the “Real-Time” link at the top of the list.

I. Competitors
• Quickly get up-to-date on how this ticker’s competitors are performing. Click the ticker or the chart to visit the quote page for that particular competitor.

J. Information/Profile
• Read an easy-to-understand summary of this company’s business. This area also includes the company’s Sector and Industry categorization 


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