Manually configure your mobile device to access the Internet

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Manually configure your mobile device to access the Internet

For using AOL Sync powered by Funambol, you need to configure your phone to access the Internet. The capability to access the Internet is commonly referred to as GPRS, 1x/CDMA and/or 3G.

The settings for accessing the Internet (APN, username, password) vary from mobile operator to mobile operator. If your mobile phone is not currently configured for it (e.g. for downloading games, ringtones, surfing the internet from your mobile browser...):

1. Have your phone's manufacturer and model name ready.
2. Contact your mobile operator to request the Internet access settings.
3. You should get the settings sent to your phone in an SMS text message.
4. Save these settings as your default settings.

In case you have all the information for the settings but you need or want to manually configure your phone, the instructions for doing it depend on the manufacturer and model name of your phone.

Phone manufacturers often help either in configuring your phone by sending you an SMS text message, or in publishing the instructions to be followed for manual configuration. Visit your mobile phone manufacturer's website for more information.


Configure your Windows mobile device:

1. Press the Start menu.
2. Select Settings.
3. Press the Connection tab.
4. Press the Advanced tab.
5. Use Select Network, and then choose New.
6. Select Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G.)
7. Type the data specific to your operator.

Configure your BlackBerry device:

Note: These manual settings might vary from their branded BlackBerry devices.

To configure your BlackBerry device:

1. Press the Menu key, from the Home screen.
2. Select Options.
3. Select Advanced Options.
4. Select TCP.
5. Type the APN information, which is specific to your operator.

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