Cancel your AOL premium service subscription

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Cancel your AOL premium service subscription

AOL offers a slew of premium services and subscriptions through Lifestore. However, if you unfortunately decide to cancel one of these services, we can make that happen.

Note: If you subscribe to any AOL Premium Service, you must cancel your subscriptions to those services before canceling your AOL account, including any subscriptions for the General Username (Master or Designated Master will have the ability to cancel a General Username’s subscription). However, cancel email will only go to the General Username who originally purchased the service.

You can cancel any AOL premium service subscription online or by phone.

Cancel Online

  1. Go to My Account and sign on with your Master Username or email and password.
  2. Type the answer to your Account Security Question and click Continue.
  3. Under Service Options, click Manage My Subscriptions.
  4. Click the Cancel link next to the product you wish to cancel.
  5. Make sure you review all of the benefits you'll lose by canceling your subscription. If you decide to keep the service, click Keep My Plan. If your mind is made up and you'd still like to cancel, select your reason from the drop-down menu and click the Cancel button.
  6. A notification will show that your product or service has been canceled.
  7. Shortly afterward, you'll receive an email that confirms your service has been canceled. Please keep in mind it may take a few hours to complete the cancellation process.

Cancel by phone

Call 1-866-485-9217 Monday through Friday between 8AM and 1AM ET and Saturdays between 8AM and 10PM ET to speak with a customer service representative about canceling your AOL premium service subscription.

To cancel other AOL services, refer to the following phone numbers and times:


Telephone Number




8AM to 1AM EST (Monday to Friday)

AOL Voicemail


9AM to 7PM EST (Monday to Friday)

AOL Call Alert


9AM to 7PM EST (Monday to Friday)

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