About IM Forwarding in AIM

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About IM Forwarding in AIM

IM Forwarding is an easy way to continue receiving instant messages (IMs) when you're away from your computer. It automatically forwards IMs to your mobile device as text messages. It also puts a blue mobile icon next to your Username in your friends' Buddy Lists.

To set up IM Forwarding, visit http://www.aim.com/products/txt#im-forwarding and click SIGN IN / REGISTER. For IM Forwarding instructions, see How do I set up Instant Message forwarding in AIM.

If you're receiving unwanted IMs on your mobile phone, you can stop all messages from AOL or block only the sender you're getting the IMs from. To block all future messages from AOL, text STOPALL to 265022, and then visit our Block IMs page. To block an individual sender only, reply BLOCK to the message you received.

As long as your carrier supports two-way IMing (see the list below), you can reply to IMs the same way you'd reply to a text. Type your reply into your mobile phone and send it. Below is a list of carriers that support receiving and replying to IMs:

AlltelIllinois Valley
Appalachian Wireless
Immix Wireless
AT&TInland Cellular
Bluegrass Cellular
BoostnTelos Wireless
Cellular One
Centennial Cellular
Cincinnati Bell
United Wireless
Cox TMI Wireless
US Cellular
Cricket Wireless
GCI/Alaska DigiTelVirgin Mobile
Golden State Cellular
West Central
Google VoiceMetro PCS

Note: With IM Forwarding, you cannot initiate a new IM conversation. For that, you need to install the full version of AIM for Mobile on your device. Interested? If so, please visit http://aim.com and look for your brand of device along the bottom of the page. For example, AIM for iPhone, AIM for iPad or AIM for Android.

Charges: While AOL won't charge you a penny, mobile service providers may charge to deliver texts to a mobile device. Check your provider's plan for details.

By using AIM, you agree to AOL's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We provide the messaging service as-is. Message and data rates may apply. Please check your mobile subscription plan. Review the AOL Mobile Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the web at http://mobile.aol.com/tos.

More questions? Visit help.aol.com.

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