How do I create or add a calendar in AOL Mail?

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How do I create or add a calendar in AOL Mail?

Using the Calendar feature in AOL Mail is a great way to keep track of your important events and dates. You can create and view multiple calendars --- one for your family, one for your bridge club, and another for your soccer team. You can view multiple calendars either one at a time or in combination, enabling you to coordinate schedules and stay on top of your friends' and family's plans.

Note: If you want to view a calendar that doesn't appear on your list of calendars, you need to subscribe to that calendar.

To create or add a calendar:

1. There are two ways to easily add a Calendar event.

The first way: In the lower-left panel, you can click the Events tab (the second from the right) and then click the + sign.


The second way: In the left panel, click Calendar to open your AOL Calendar and then in the upper right click NEW EVENT.


2. In the 'Add Event' window that appears, type the name of the event. You can also:

  • Adjust the date of the event
  • Make it a repeating event
  • Set a reminder
  • Add a location
  • Add notes about the event

3. When you're finished, at the bottom, click Add Event.

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