What is an Account Security Question?

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What is an Account Security Question?

AOL values your safety and security, so we've taken the extra step of protecting your AOL account with an Account Security Question (ASQ). An ASQ is a simple question and answer created by you, which we use to verify your identity and protect your privacy. We will use your ASQ when you contact us for support and when you use certain products and features online.

IMPORTANT: AOL now offers a new feature called Automatic Password Recovery. Once you enable this feature, you will be able to reset or recover your password without having to verify your identity by answering account security questions. To know more about this feature, read our online help article What is Automatic Password Recovery feature?

Why do I need an Account Security Question?

The ASQ is required to verify your identity when you access sensitive information. Examples of instances when you will be asked to answer your ASQ include:

  • When you want to manage your AOL account online
  • When you want to reset your password through the Forgot Password link
  • When you contact AOL customer service and an exchange of private account information is required
  • When you use AOL products that require an extra level of security

For more detailed information about ASQ's, please refer to the Account Security Question help page.

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