How do I report suspicious mail or scam emails?

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How do I report suspicious mail or scam emails?

If you receive an email that doesn't seem quite right, it may be a scam email. What's a scam email? It's an email that is phishing for your personal information like your Username, password, credit card information, billing information or other sensitive information. Scam emails may ask you to download an attachment, click a link, or threaten to terminate your service if you don't provide your personal information.

Get smarter about phishing by looking at email scam examples on the AOL Mail Security site.

Important: AOL will never ask for your Username, password, or other personal information through emails and an AOL representative will never send you an email with an attachment. Please know that AOL will ask you to update your billing information only by going to

If you receive suspicious email, you should:

  • Do NOT give your AOL password or billing information or enter this information by clicking a hyperlink (in an email or instant message), even if the link takes you to an official-looking website.
  • If you're unsure of an email's authenticity, please forward the email to the email address Highlight the message you want to forward, and then click Forward to ensure that we receive the email along with the original message.

How do I know if an email I received from AOL is legitimate?

AOL has secure technology, privacy protection controls, and restrictions on employee access to safeguard your personal information. Whenever we communicate with members, we do so by AOL Certified Mail only. AOL Certified Mail contains important information for AOL members.

You can easily identify AOL Certified Mail by the green ribbon in your message list. If it has the green ribbon, it's from us and safe to open.

For information on AOL Certified Mail, please visit our help article What is AOL Certified Mail?

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