Clear History (cache, cookies, footprints, etc.)

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Clear History (cache, cookies, footprints, etc.)

Your computer History is a record of all the websites you’ve visited, the terms you have previously searched, and gives you the ability to view these sites. If you don’t want to maintain this record, you can clear your History. You can also change the number of days pages are saved in the History list. However, please note that after a certain number of days, the History is automatically deleted.


How to clear History in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer keeps track of each website address that you visit to save you from typing the website address the next time you visit that site. However, any user that uses your computer can view the websites you’ve visited. You can Clear the Internet Explorer History List to erase the record of previously visited websites.

How to clear History in the AOL Navigation Bar

The history drop-down menu on the Navigation bar lists the last 300 webpages you have visited. If this list (or history trail) becomes too long and confusing, you can Clear the navigation bar history trail.

How to clear My AOL footprints

As you browse the web, information about previously visited websites are stored on your computer to improve your browsing experience. If you would like to erase this information using AOL Software, you can Clear the AOL footprints. If you’d like to clear your footprints using AOL Desktop, check out our online help article Clear cookies, cache, history and footprints on AOL Desktop v10.1.

How to clear My AOL Toolbar Search History

A history of your searches is kept on your computer so you can return to your previous searches. When you Clear the AOL Toolbar Search History, a new history will start with your next search.

How to Clear IM History in the AIM Software

The messages exchanged in an IM (instant message) session are maintained in the upper panel of the session window. To view new messages easily, you can clear the previous text in that window. For more information on how to clear IM history, read our online help article Clear IM History in the AIM Software.

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