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How do I block a buddy with AIM 7?

Is one of your buddies just downright annoying? Totally understood! Blocking someone is easy. Just enroll in a Kung Fu For Beginners class and it’s like the third thing they teach.

Here’s how to block a buddy on AIM:

1. At the top of your Buddy List, click Menu or Options (depending upon which version of AIM 7 you're using).

2. Click Privacy.

3. Under ‘Who can IM me and see me online’, click Everyone except the people on my block list.

4. Click Add people to my block list.
Note: If the Block List is already displayed, you won’t see Add people to my block list.

5. Type the Username of the buddy you want to block. You can enter more than one Username. They will separate automatically with commas.

6. Click Add.

7. Then click Save. Done!

That person’s blocked. You can come back and un-block them anytime by clicking their name in the list, then clicking Remove.

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