How do I start Using AIM?

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How do I start Using AIM?

Installing AIM and Signing In

To install AIM 7.5, go to Click DOWNLOAD AIM, and follow the installation instructions.

To sign in, double-click the AIM Running Man icon.

Fill in your Username and password, and click Sign In. For additional sign in options see our online help article, Change the Sign In/Sign Out Settings in AIM.

Finding Friends

AIM would be worthless without a friend to IM. Here are some of the many ways to build up your Buddy List:

Sending Instant Messages

You’re not going to believe how easy this is. OK, double-click on a buddy’s Username from the Buddy List window.

A message window pops open. Type your message and press Enter on your keyboard. That’s it!

If you want to send a message to someone not on your Buddy List, click Menu or Options (depending on which version of AIM 7 you’re using). Click New IM.

Type your Buddy’s Username in the To: box. Type a message and press Enter on your keyboard.

Status Messages

Status messages are a great way to broadcast your thoughts and feelings to your buddies whenever you want. Just type a message in the status message box, and then click Post.

Your buddies are now updated with the latest on your life!


Expressions are great for showing off your personality. AIM has an amazing collection of Buddy icons, sounds, emoticons, and wallpaper. You can even create an awesome Expression theme like this:

To begin having fun with your Expressions, read our online help article: How do I use AIM Expressions.

Buddy List Color Themes

Tired of seeing the same colors on your Buddy List every day? Try a new color theme. You can even make every day a new-color day.

For more information, check out the online help article: How do I change my AIM color theme.


Lifestream is a simple and efficient feature that lets you keep track of all comments on your favorite networking sites such as Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. To check your Lifestream, go to or simply click the Lifestream tab on your Buddy List.

There’s so much more to play with! Did you know you can also Video IM , Archive your IMs, and have your IMs forwarded to your Mobile Phone? For reals!

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