How do I change the Sign In/Sign Out settings in AIM?

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How do I change the Sign In/Sign Out settings in AIM?

At the top of your Buddy List window, click Options or Menu (depending on which version of AIM 7 you're using) and then click Settings. Click Sign In / Sign Out. Once you've selected your preferences, click Save at the bottom of the Sign In / Sign Out window.

1. Do you want to see the AOL Welcome Page when you sign in to AIM? Click Welcome Page. Would you like to preview the Welcome Page before choosing it? Click View to preview the Welcome Page.

2. If you don't want the AOL Welcome Page displayed when you sign in to AIM? Click None.

3. Do you want to automatically sign in to AIM when you start your computer? Check Start AIM when Windows starts.

4. If you don't want AIM to automatically sign you in when you turn on your computer, check Minimize to system tray and do not sign in.

5. Do you wish you could reduce the number of windows that are open on your computer? Check Sign me out and exit AIM when I close my Buddy List window to remain online with AIM even after closing your Buddy List window.

6. Are you bombarded with instant messages (IMs) to your linked accounts every time you sign on? Check Set all linked accounts to invisible when I sign in and receive IMs only to the Username you signed in with.

7. Do you want to make sure you have the most recent updates to AIM at all times? Check Automatically download and install updates when AIM starts.

8. Do you want to be notified of updates to beta versions of AIM ( Check Notify me when beta updates are available.

9. Do you need to reset your AIM password? Click Change My Password, type the answer to your Account Security Question, and then reset your password.

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