Creating Secure Passwords and Account Security Questions (ASQs)

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Creating Secure Passwords and Account Security Questions (ASQs)

When you create a password for your AOL account, make it easy on yourself…and hard on the bad guys. Use something different from your other online accounts. Avoid the obvious. Even a password you think is a little clever. Make up a sentence you'll remember. Or take a sentence out of a book! Upper and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters. Take each first letter, each number, each special character. And use it for one site only. Like AOL.

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AOL Password Requirements & Tips

A strong password can prevent your account from being compromised and gives you a strong defense against hackers. The longer the password is, the stronger it is. Mix in numbers and symbols. Make it tough! You can change your AOL password whenever and as often as you'd like. For best results, keep in mind the information below:

  • Your password must include 6-16 characters
  • Your password must include a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters (e.g., !, @, #)
  • Substitute numbers for letters and vice versa (o instead of 0, 1 instead of L, E instead of 3)
  • Substitute words for numbers (five, nine)
  • Combine substitutions (fiv3, n1ne)
  • Use capitalization in random places (bLues, cluEs)
  • Deliberately misspell words (pwaosrsd)

Note: You cannot use the forward slash "/" in your password.

Creating an Account Security Question (ASQ)

The Account Security Question (ASQ) is a simple security question-and-answer combination created by you that AOL uses to verify and protect your identity.

Tips for creating your Account Security Question:

  • Create an ASQ that can be answered only by you. Anyone who can guess the answer to your ASQ may be able to access and make changes to your account.
  • Carefully note the exact spelling and capitalization of your answer.

AOL requires a correct answer to your ASQ before offering full support for your account. You'll need the answer to your ASQ to access the following:

  • My Account - Allows you to manage your AOL account online.
  • Forgotten Password - Allows you to reset your password and get back online.
  • Phone or Online Customer Service - This service involves private account information or changes.

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