Enriching and enhancing your question on AOL Answers

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Enriching and enhancing your question on AOL Answers

To ensure you get the best answers to your questions on AOL Answers, read below for some of our tips about writing titles and questions.

Your question title

The question title is the first thing the community sees. The title is also the part of the question that is shown on AOL Answers. This means you should always write a question title that is clear and concise.

Your question

This is where you post your question. It’s usually better to include specific details about what you're asking. This way, the community will be able to give you the best answer without asking for more information.

Formatting your question

Format your question by including bold, italicized or underlined text. In the example below , the letter “I” is highlighted and the italics button is pressed.

  • Bold: Click on the letter B to start writing in bold font. Click B again to turn the bold off.
  • Italics: Click on the letter I to start writing in italicized font. Click the I again to turn italics off.
  • Underline: Click on the letter U to start writing in underlined font. Click the U again to turn underline off.
  • Bullets and Numbers: Use the bullet option to itemize a list, or use the numbers option to enumerate the items.
  • Emoticon: Click the smiley face to open our library of prepared emoticons. Next, simply click the expression that is most suited to the content of your question.

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