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Hey there! Got questions about TUAW? Read on below for the most frequently asked questions about our site!

Do you carry/sell any Apple products?

Sorry, but we don’t carry or sell any Apple products. We just keep people informed about all things Apple. Although, we’ve got a variety of TUAW-branded items, which we think rock! Check those out here: www.cafepress.com/tuaw.

How do I sort the stories on TUAW by specific product?

TUAW uses a tagging system for all articles. If you’re trying to sort by a specific product, you can click the product name on our website’s top navigation bar, or you can use the links below:

Are you all paid to say nice things about or be critical of Apple? Do any of you work for Apple?

We have no direct relationship with Apple. And we don’t accept any handouts, free stuff/dinners/money, etc. A few of our writers may be die-hard Apple fans, but we try our best to remain unbiased. None of our writers work for Apple, either.

How can I write for TUAW?

Check out our AOL Help article Can I become a contributor to your site? Also, another great way to get in touch is to use our Feedback form page to send us your resume in plain text.

I’ve got a tip, news story, or product you guys should cover!

Really?! Awesome! We love getting information from our readers, so please head over to our tips/feedback page at www.tuaw.com/contact/feedback.

I’m having problems with my iPhone/iPad/Mac. Can you guys help me?

If you're having problems with any Apple hardware or software, please check out Apple's support forums. We don't offer any official help or support for their products. Sorry!

Where can I follow TUAW on social networks?

We highly encourage our readers to sign up for TUAW updates on Facebook and Twitter. That way, you get the most up-to-date news and information streamed to your live feeds. Sign up using the links below:


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Last updated: 06-10-2014
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