How do I import my buddies?

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How do I import my buddies?

Here’s how to import buddies:

1. In the upper-right corner of your buddy list window, click Menu/Options (depending on which version of AIM 7 you're using).

2. Click Add To Buddy List.

3. Click Import Buddies.

4. Select Facebook or the Email provider that you would like to import your contacts from.

5. Enter your email address, or Username and password, for that account.

6. Click Find.

7. Select the buddies you would like to import.

8. Click Add to Buddy List.

9. Select which friends you would like to invite to AIM. (You may also click Skip if you don’t want to invite any of your friends to AIM.)

10. Click Invite to AIM.

Success! You have now imported your buddies. If you would like to import more buddies, click Find More Buddies. If you are done importing buddies, click Close.

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Last updated: 11-30-2011
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