Why should I connect my social networks in Editions?

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Why should I connect my social networks in Editions?

Are you a Facebook junkie? Do you love tweeting about the funny things you see on your way into work? If you answered yes to either, or both, of these questions then sharing interesting things with your social network peeps is not just a hobby, but a way of life.

Connecting Facebook and Twitter in Editions lets you quickly and easily become the first to share the great articles in each Edition. Plus, connecting your social networks helps tune Editions to match your personal interests.

Not yet convinced? By connecting your Facebook account, you’ll see your events and friends’ birthdays right in the Editions calendar. You can even post a quick “Happy birthday!” to their wall with just a few simple taps without leaving the app.

To recap, connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts:

  • Lets you easily share articles with your friends
  • Personalizes your Editions with your interests from Facebook and Twitter
  • Adds your social network events to the Editions calendar.

A better question might be, “Why wouldn’t you connect your social networks in Editions?”

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Last updated: 09-26-2011
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