How do I add a Section in my Editions?

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Archived - How do I add a Section in my Editions?

Interested in the latest travel news and tips? Add the Travel Section and get the best travel news stories in your next Edition. With 16 different Sections to choose from, you decide what you want in your Editions.

To add a Section to your Editions:

1. Open the Editions app.

2. At the bottom of the page, tap the ^ arrow to access the main navigation.


3. In the main navigation menu, tap Settings.


4. In the left panel, tap Sections.


5. Under 'Additional Sections', tap Add a New Section.


6. Tap the Sections that you’d like to add.

7. Once you've added all the sections you want, in the top right corner, tap Done.

8. To close the Settings menu, in the top left corner, tap Close.

Voila! The next time Editions delivers you a new magazine, you’ll see the Sections you just added. Enjoy!

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Last updated: 07-10-2014
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