How do I reply to an email in AOL Mail?

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How do I reply to an email in AOL Mail?

Replying to an email in AOL Mail lets you quickly and easily send a message back to the sender of the mail. When you reply to an email, you can change the email addresses that it was sent to, change the text in the message or subject fields, and change the attachments included.

Note: When you reply to an email that has attachments, the files attached to the original email are not attached to your reply. If you want your reply to include these attachments, you must add them to your email before you send it.

To reply to an email:

1. Open the email that you want to reply to.

2. Above the message, click the Reply button (back arrow).

Note: To reply to everybody to whom the email was sent, click the Reply All button (double arrows going back to the left).

3. Type your reply in the message area. If you want to add additional people to your reply, you can do so by typing their email address in the To box. To add someone from your Contacts list, click To or click the silhouette in the right side of the To box.

Note: You can also add people to your reply by clicking opening your Contacts in the lower-left panel and clicking on the name of the person you'd like to send your reply to. Check out this video to learn more about using Contacts in the lower-left panel of your Inbox.

4. When you've finished composing your reply message, click Send.

Note: By default, the original message from the email to which you are replying is included in your reply. If you don't want to include the original message in the reply, right-click in the message area, and then click Select All. Right-click again, and then click Delete.

That's it! You've just replied to an email. Sweet!

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